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Supporting clinical practitioners, the research community and cademic publishers for 30 years


My name is Maria (Hampshire) Carter. Since 2000, I have provided a range of expert editorial, writing and production services to academics, researchers, clinicians, businesses and health-related organisation across the full range of medical, clinical and bioscientific disciplines.




After obtaining undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in biomedical sciences from two London universities, I gained further experience of science content writing and editing across different settings, during employment in the drug industry (Zeneca), med comms agencies (Adis/MediCine/Adelphi), drugs database providers (Derwent/ISI Thomson Reuters) and traditional STM publishing houses (Taylor & Francis). During this time, I worked with content from every English-language journal covered by Elsevier's EMbase, I was the Editor of a group of biomedical journals, and I wrote and edited material for pharmaceutical companies, clinicians and patients. I started work as a freelance in 2000.




During my freelance career, I have completed projects for every major English-speacking academic publisher and have worked on thousands of projects for individual clients and organisations in the UK and internationally. These documents include:


  • Reference books and manuals

  • Theses and dissertations

  • Journal submissions

  • Individual book chapters

  • Training and educational materials

  • Websites and online resources

  • Conference materials

  • Presentations and posters

  • Promotional materials

  • Clinical reports

  • Scoping reports

  • Patient guidance

  • Digital content (ebooks)


With a high level of competence and knowledge in every healthcare specialty, pre-clinical and clinical research, epidemiology, informatics, health economics and health delivery - along with proven expertise in the full range of editorial and production processes - you can be confident that your project will be handled expertly and to the highest standard. I am also a trained project manager and an independent publisher of highly regarded non-fiction healthcare books, which is testimony to my professionalism, high standards and capability.




  • Editing, writing, rewriting and repurposing

  • Abstracting, summarising and cutting to fit (word count reduction)

  • Language editing of non-native English (NNS/ESL)

  • Fact-checking and research

  • Creating bespoke house-styles and applying existing house-styles

  • Reference checking and formatting

  • Handling copyright issues and permission

  • Creating illustrations, graphs and tables

  • Document design, page layout and typesetting

  • Indexing and proofreading

  • Text coding/tagging

  • Print buying

  • E-book preparation

  • Full project management


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  • World Health Organization (WHO)

  • Medical Research Council (MRC)

  • British Medical Association (BMA)

  • National Health Service (NHS)

  • National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)

  • National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

  • Royal Colleges of Surgeons (RCS)

  • Royal College of Physicians (RCP)

  • Royal College of Nursing (RCN)

  • Royal College of Psychiatrists

  • UK Department of Education

  • UK Departmet of Health


As well as a diverse range of:


  • medical informatics organisations

  • pharmaceutical companies

  • clinical training providers

  • medical examination bodies

  • international health organisations

  • national and international universites

  • national and international research organisations

  • English speaking journal publishers

  • academic and STM publishers

  • translation agencies.


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