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Supporting clinical practitioners, the research community and cademic publishers for 30 years


I enjoy the simplified and rewarding life of a freelancer, flourishing in the beautiful countryside of Ayrshire in Scotland. My educational and employment background includes:


  • Honours degree in medical sciences from Westminster University in London

  • Postgraduate neuropharmacology research at St Thomas' Hospital Medical School

  • Writing educational material for doctors with MediCine (now Adelphi)

  • Editing and producing a group of medical journals for Taylor & Francis Publishers

  • Managing medical communications (med comms) projects for Adis International

  • Working with hospital doctors, nurses, general practitioners and pharmacists with ICI/Astra Zeneca

  • Organising medical meetings and clinical training courses for Adis and ICI/Astra Zeneca

  • Managing the editorial department for ISI Thompson Reuters (Crossaig Ltd) on projects for Elsevier Publishers and pharmaceutical companies

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"The reason I'm on top of the chapters is because of the spectacular job you have done on them."  Professor of Mental Health and Editor/Author of major multiauthored medical text

"The commissioning editor said you are the best copywriter she has ever found, and certainly the standard of your work so far is dazzling!"  Consultant Surgeon and Editor/Author of several major surgical revision texts.

"Thank you for your excellent work. I appreciate very much your efforts." Prof Dr of Chemical Engineering & Materials, University of Calabria, Italy

"That's an incredible review, so well-thought out and well-written and very encouraging. Your insight into the book and its relevance to human behaviour is facinating."  Independent Publisher of Atlas of Maxillofacial Surgery

"The texts are looking really good and the authors are delighted with the editing. Yet again you've spotted loopholes in my instructions and your method of formatting is an innovation. Your experiences are invaluable."  Managing Editor, Springer Verlag encyclopaedia of  immunotoxicology)

"You do amazing work!  I have worked with many editors ... you have done a very thorough and marvelous job [and] should be commended." Director of Physiotherapy Centre, California, USA

"It's really thorough and interesting without being too heavy, and it's breezy, very enthusiastic and fresh. The client will love it!" Managing Director, Full Stop Design, London, UK

"This time they accepted the paper for publishing!! The reason is your beautiful editing!"  Field Epidemiologist, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

"Thank you again for your detailed scrutiny and for picking up so many errors."  Doctor/Flight Commander and aviation medicine expert, USA

"It is really excellent how you have improved the text." Author of manual on psychological interventions, UK

As well as my technical excellence and reliability, I am very easy to work with. I can manage with excellence any aspect of your publication project, regardless of its size, complexity or timescale. For these reasons, my clients come back time after time. Here is what some of them have to say:


"You are superb to work with. Everything we need in a single person. So accommodating, flexible and above all reliable. Cannot wait to work on the next project with you!" Publications Manager European Orthopaedic Society


"Thank you yet again for your positive support,  sound advice and encouragement ... I know it's your job, but you do it so nicely and you are so friendly." Social psychologist and Nurse Educationalist


"I owe a big debt of gratitude to you for going well beyond  the call of duty in getting the book through." Former foreign correspondent for The Guardian and author


"I would like to thank you for your unfailing support and special friendship. You really are the best and such a fun colleague to work with."  Professor Dr Colin Martin, Chair of Mental Health and Editor/Author of many clinical and seminal texbooks


"You are good! The communication in resolving things is often a joyous experience!"  Author, Doctor Director, New Millenium Press


"I want to thank you ... You are very good at what you do." Director of Research, US Soccer Federation Medical Team, Santa Monica Orthopaedic, USA


"You are superb to work with. Everything we need in a single person. So accommodating, flexible and above all reliable. Cannot wait to work on the next project with you!" Publications Manager European Orthopaedic Society

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I work on biomedical documents of all kinds, from laboratory research to clinical practice, with individuals and organisations.


I always fulfil my clients' expectations -

and often exceed them: