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Supporting clinical practitioners, the research community and cademic publishers for 30 years


The company was set up on the west coast of Scotland. This view from the office window shows Loch Long, the Clyde Estuary, the Cowal peninsula and the islands of Arran and Bute.

* Required

1. Type of document (e.g. journal article, web content, book, dissertation, patient leaflet, clinical report).


2. File types (e.g. Word, PDF, InDesign).


3. Estimate of words in text, references and supplementary material (e.g. tables, figures).


4. Displayed features and illustrations (e.g. figures, tables, boxes, photos).


5. Native language of author/s (if not English).


6. Services required (e.g. editing, document design, typesetting, abstracting, project management).


7. Your budget and timescale.


8. Whether I will be liaising with an established team.