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Supporting clinical practitioners, the research community and academic publishers for 30 years 





  • These are usually hourly rates and are based on the minimum recommendations of the SfEP (see here for an indication

  • Daily rates are charged for long-term and large projects and are negotiable with regular clients.

  • Every job is priced individually and estimates provided rather than quotes as it is not possible to judge the entire extent of a project in advance.

  • Any time spent on a project will be billed to that project, including phonecalls, emails (writing and reading), research, and initial estimates and calculations.

  • Note: if Maria chooses to meet with a client at an early stage of the project, or before undertaking the project, her own travel costs will be at her own expense.




  • These are usually on the basis of half up front and half on completion for quick and short projects/

  • Payments will be staged for large and long-term projects.

  • Invoices can be settled by cheque or direct bank transfer.

  • Settlement is within 14 days for individuals and 28 days for organisations with a payroll system




  • Best editorial practice and standard publishing convention is applied to all projects.

  • Shoreline follows the codes of practise and conduct of the SfEP, Publishing Scotland and the Best Practice Guidelines on Publication Ethics of Blackwell Publishers.

  • The content of sensitive or confidential material and client details will not be disclosed to any third party.

  • Client material will not be published in a manner unintended by the client.

  • Shoreline will perform regular back-ups of files and maintain adequate virus protection at all times.

  • All client material, publications and correspondence will be retained by Shoreline for 3 months from the date of the final invoice. It will only be permanently archived on request.


  • Ethical considerations

  • •Shoreline only works on material that meets certain ethical standards. Where these are not brought to the attention of Maria at an early stage, she reserves the right to cease working on a project and be paid in full for work completed to that point.